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Honoring God Through Your Work - Ken Goodwillie, Owner of Divine Design Handyman and Home Improvements

November 30, 2020
Career Yak
Honoring God Through Your Work - Ken Goodwillie, Owner of Divine Design Handyman and Home Improvements
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Listen in as I chat with a special guest, Ken Goodwillie, aka my Dad! He talks about his God-given ability to be handy, his history in Christian ministry and how he eventually started his own home improvement business after being laid off in 2007. Ken goes into detail about how Christians can share Christ with others in the workplace and use their jobs and businesses to honor God. He also highlights the logistics behind starting a business and what it takes to be successful. Don't forget to check out the links that correspond to our conversation below!

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Music by Scandinavianz, song Wonderland (instrumental).

Ken Goodwillie intro and background
Starting a business after getting laid off
The three goals of Divine Design
Use your current skills and resources when starting a business (it helps keep costs down!)
A background in Christian ministry
How has ministry experience helped you in business?
Practical ways for true Christians to be witnesses for Christ in the workplace
Acquiring the necessary handyman skills
Pros and cons of entrepreneurship
How to market and grow from nothing
You don't always have to grow
What it takes to succeed as a small business
Learn from your mistakes
How to continually hone your skills
Still volunteering in Christian missions work
Parting career advice
Follow Christ, it's the best decision you can make in life. Closing thoughts